my e-book ‘How to Find the One’

So wrapping up my final changes to my book, ‘How to Find the One’. Its a book designed to hep single ladies find the right guy for them. These are girls who are just ready to settle down.

Do you know I wrote this book in 2010? This was after experiencing the dating rollercoaster….speed, online, blind dating. It was fun, sometimes exciting, then after awhile depressing, disheartening…and I really wanted to stop. But I hung in there and did end up with someone amazing who is now my husband.

I learnt a lot in this time and mindset and positive belief is HUGE in meeting the right person for you.

I did not realise writing a book would be so hard, especially crafting it into a good, accessible product but its worth it. I now have a product I am really proud of.

I conducted loads of interviews, anecdotes and jotted down my personal experience. Also I read a whole heap of books in the same genre to see if I was offering the best tips. I was!

I had a wonderful editor who helped me structure all the info in an easy way. We both must have read the book a zillion times for formatting and grammar issues. Anyway the book is nearly ready and I hope it helps you to snag the man of your dreams!!



Choices and trust

choiceIn life, these days there are choices on everything, on what to eat, italian, sushi, indian, thai, mexican. If you are single, there are choices on who to date, and then there is jobs to choose from, or switch to or activities to participate in….cinema, dinner, and holidays….sun, ski or…..

It can be confusing, often in my life I have felt like a bewildered rabbit mesmerised by the array of choices and the fear of making the wrong choice.

But there is no wrong choice….its trusting myself in the moment and deciding what feels right for you authentically in THAT MOMENT…..thats how I ended up with my husband or how I ended up writing a novel.

More on writing that novel later…..


My book “How To Find The One”

BOOK_COVERI had to date a LOT to find my husband….online, speed dating, blind dating, family introductions…you name it, I did it.

The path of true love for me did NOT run smooth….it was a messy, rocky, windy, crazy path that sometimes felt it was taking me to some weird dark world and back….

I am so glad I am OFF that path and have escaped the nervous breakdown (just about). But I wrote a short book to share with you my top tips!

Still working on this book….writing a book, especially a “quality” book is very hard work!

So I am hoping you will read it, especially if you are dating weary and want to find the one!


All “mens” are miserable

miserablemanAbout a year back, I went for a routine blood test and the jolly turkish lady who was taking my blood asked me what I was up to.  We had a chat and I told her about a dating website I had set up. Now folded! Her cheery, round face smirked and she was a little perplexed and I saw her head raise and her eyes screw up. Bemusement maybe ?

“Your website is for women who want to meet men.  But why ?” she asked. She was genuinely shocked,  and at this point I squeezed my eyes as she jabbed the needle into my arm.

I had to ask her why she didn’t seem to approve of my idea. Her shock turned to laughter. “But all mens are miserable !” The words came out of her mouth as if it was the most obvious thing and I thus must be dim to have been unaware of this.

And she said it again with more force, “Miser-aaaable, I know, I have three in my life, my husband, son and grumpy father in law.”

Priceless…..so there you….it made me laugh, so the grass is not greener. But keep inspired ladies, she obviously loved her husband, and the message is sometimes the one you love will wind you up !