Finished my novel – What I have learnt- Part one

I have been writing my novel since 2011. Do you know I started writing it two weeks before I was due to get married? It was the gorgeous month of april (it actually was a sunny hot april-perhaps the weather gods forgot it was cold UK for a change). A recent interview by Cecilia Aherne stood out in my mind. Now she said she had the idea to write a book and it took her from starting the book on Tuesday and finishing it on Saturday morning in the same WEEK! I calculated that was 4 days. So of course I thought if she can churn one out in 4 days so can I! What a big mistake in my case! (FYI I have never read her books though I did see one of films that was based on her books) and I am also not sure I write anything like her.

I had an idea for a story and I was going to use a lot of real life anecdotes which my mind calculated meant would require even less brain power as I would not even have to sweat it out and make it up and use the old imagination.

How foolish I was! I am coming to the end of 2014 and am only wrapping this book up now! I am older and wiser than my original naive self. Yes I did get out a draft within 6 weeks working on it on and off. However my original draft was 44 pages long. It is now novel length at 320 pages. Whilst I wrote this novel I learnt about writing as I went along. I bought books from amazon on how to write, I dug out old notes from a creative writing course I did back in 2005. To spur me on, I remembered praise that was given to me by a writing teacher to write. I also started to read. I actually have not been a big reader since school. My life after school were spent in education, my job and traveling and social life.  So I made it a point to read a lot of books. I must have read about 60 books from a variety of authors and genres whilst I wrote. Reading alone can easily take up a few years of your life. However it was invaluable to see how the masters, like Mary Shelley wrote to contemporary writers to Kathryn Stockett’s “The Help” to books like White Tiger.




5 thoughts on “Finished my novel – What I have learnt- Part one

  1. Haha congrats on the publication. I feel your pain. My latest work took me 8 years to finish because I kept putting it down, rewriting it, and coming back… it’s frustrating because I can usually write out a book in a matter of weeks if I put my mind to it, but this one… yeah it took a long time.

    • sorry for delay, ouch 8 years, mine is currently 4 years, lol! Noone warned me HOW much re-writing one has to do. Do you write full time or doing a day job whilst you write? But I think if you let the book lead, they can kind of tell you when they are finished and this one is saying to me…..I am done! Does that sound crazy? maybe writing it for that long does make me crazy. Did you get bored of your book as the years went by?

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