Novel Submissions Part One

So I have finished my book, yay! I am trying to get it published and that is like a full time job. There is so much information on the net on how to market your book. I have experience of this having published an e book of a self help book. However I thought it might be nice to get the help of a publisher to help me publish this a book. Its getting their attention that’s the hard bit. I know my book is good, I know it would make a fab movie. I still cherish the comment of one my editors who said ‘Your book is good, its different and original. I meet other writers who say you must sign our non disclosure agreement. They are so worried I might steal their book idea. When I read your book, I think, really, this is not worth stealing! But yours is’ I know she is joking but it gave me that warm, fuzzy feeling of validation from a person who knows!


So I am working my way through a list of publishers, written to 7 and only reached c-d of the list. I have already received a few no’s.


I think my character Nimmee needs to be discovered, to be read. She needs a publisher to help her reach the wider market. I have a another bright idea, that is to publish my book via Lulu. Lulu is super expensive, fourteen pounds per book from states. I can’t wait for my copy to arrive. This book will not sit on my bookshelf, it will be sent to a director. It will be sent Gurinder Chadha and see if she can envsion the characters jump off the page. I hope so. I have worked so hard on this book. 4 years. I have read so many books and done so many drafts to make it good. I think it is. Now I would like this book to reach its readers. Maybe she can help?