Good things about being single

funsinglegalsIt can hurt seeing all those happy ‘in love’ couples together especially the ones that have just found each other and everything is still perfect. They are gushy and jubilation is planted all over their smug faces, and all you can think is “I want to be one of them in my own fun, gloaty couple”.If you are one of these people who is really bothered about being single, read on. We interviewed some single women who are very happy with their single status and this is what they told us. This should make you feel a little better.

About half of all marriages end in divorce, when we last checked. These stats always end up on the news. So if one has an engagement ring it may just end up on the lawn in a flurry of anger someday and after a lot of painful years.

You get the whole bed to yourself with nobody snoring in your ears

You’ll have less laundry and cooking to do, men can always slip back into “Me- man, minimal housework”.

You can come and go as you please

You can stay up all night finishing your spellbinding novel without someone nagging you to switch off the light and get into bed

You don’t have to shave your legs

Less drama

You can fart loudly in bed by yourself without feeling embarrassed

You can go to the bathroom without having to put the toilet seat down

You don’t have to watch your manners

You don’t have to share the cheesecake.

You don’t quarrel about who cooks and does the washing up again.

Do what you want where you want, its a nag-free zone

Can stay out all night and not answer 50 questions in the morning

Toothpaste lasts longer

You get to come and go as you please

You can be “queen of the remote”

You don’t have to listen to his complaining about life

You don’t have to worry about someone’s feelings being hurt and being mad after you for a week

Lighter laundry load

Better to be single than with the wrong person

So chin up, and big smile, your time will come because you still have the thrill of first dates. One of the people we interviewed said, don’t feel bad being single, you have problems if you do. take stock of your life and find the positive in it. With the wrong person the smallest issues causes drama, and who needs that ?


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