How to be single and happy


By Aneka Chohan

The traditional stereotype of a woman and her happiness is normally associated with a man. It’s like the typical fairy tale formula: a woman needs a man to be happy. Today, I’m going to tell you how that formula is clearly wide of the mark. You can be single and happy right now and it does not have to include a man in it. Seriously.

Other than love and relationships, friendship is a vital aspect of any human being’s life let alone a woman. Keep in regular contact with your friends and try to go out with them and enjoy a good, old, girls’ night out. With your female friends, you have the opportunity to share some interesting chats and open up with some hard times as well. You don’t always need a male shoulder to cry on. When in a relationship, some women become distant from their female friends and become isolated when the relationship breaks down. So always maintain those friendships of yours – they’re an essential part of your happiness when you’re single.

When one is in a relationship, it seems all romantic and rosy from the outside but a relationship demands more hard work than we actually think it does. It takes time, commitment, acceptance and hard work to keep it all together. With the single status, you are totally free of the anxieties that couples have. Single women have more freedom and  please look on the bright side. Rather than come home to a rubbish relationship or partner worries, you can relax with a chilled drink with a good film all by yourself. Ah, bliss.

Rather than diving into a relationship, cherish your days of being single. Once you are settled, you may regret not enjoying your single life more.

If you’re single, don’t think you aren’t good enough for anyone. You probably have got a lot of good in you than 100 angels put together. Think of being single as a lesson in life and learn from it. Use this opportunity to discover yourself. Try to learn what your desires are, what do you really want in life or what you wish to see in your ideal man and what do you have to offer that ideal man in return. Once you’re set on what you want and what you can offer, you have a better chance of finding the right man. Through this way, you remain happy and content with your single life and may end up with a more promising future with a partner.

Another thing to consider is your career. If you want to keep climbing up the career ladder, it is important to focus on your profession and get it off the ground. Being single can be a useful time to find your own feet and make something out of yourself. If you’re ambitious, this will make you happy whilst being single.

One of the painful setbacks of being in a relationship is being with the wrong man. There are many women out there that are all smiles and being very happy in front of the world but that they maybe experiencing problems from an unhappy relationship. Some men can turn out to be heavy alcoholics, women-beaters or unleash their cruelty through another method. In light of this point, being single is a much happier state than being with someone who is any of the above.

By now, you must be convinced that being single is not a bad option. Ok, sure. You might not have a guy romancing you or dozen roses being thrust in your face but, then again, you don’t have any relationship worries and are not distant from your female friends. Use your days of being single and realise what you really want in life. Remember the new formula: single = happiness.


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