If you like it then should you really put a ring on it?


Not long ago I worked in a jewellery store, quite a nice job in fact and who doesn’t like trying on diamonds? But therein lies the rub. I would try on the engagement rings; I am yet to get one of my very own, as was frequently pointed out to me by the patrons of this particular store. Don’t worry this isn’t a self pitying piece on finding Mr. Right, and this is not the guide to the perfect ring *. This is the tale of three couples and two engagements. The third, it will be evident, includes me. As the other two got their rings.

The Status Engagement.

The first woman has been with her now fiancé for six years and they are usually compatible – he is good for her and they’re in love. This was all very good at first; until people they knew started getting engaged. The man involved did not wish to escalate the relationship, however upon the threat of being relegated to singledom, he promptly and dutifully proposed. There are no current wedding plans, but the woman in question has the satisfaction of being somebody’s fiancé.

The Rush Job.

This second woman has been with her fiancé five minutes. She is not ‘past her prime’ to coin a chauvinistic idiom, and she was not necessarily out to snare a husband. However she so does love to look down her nose at those who have preserved their liberty. They met, they fell in love, they got engaged, and now she is having his baby. They will soon celebrate their first anniversary. Congrats…

The Happy Couple.

In this example I am inescapably biased. My boyfriend and I have been together for years and are happily unmarried and unengaged. I have no problem with marriages or engagements; this article is merely in support of those whose current prospects offer them neither. Happiness shouldn’t be measured by the speed at which you can progress from flirting to nuptials; there is nothing wrong with smelling the roses. Often did a customer give me a sad look, as though I forlornly sell the rings and then retire for the evening to my spinster’s lair. My advice to us unclaimed: brandish those naked fingers proudly, don’t conform because it is what is expected, and most importantly, as a jeweller: If you do meet Mr. Right and he gets down on one knee, check what’s in the box before you say yes!


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