Traits a man looks for in a girlfriend

happybeachcoupleWe asked men what they look for in their perfect girl
She has a life of her own
She has a fulfilling life, travels, seeks her own adventures and she doesn’t expect her boyfriend to be her entire existence. Men love girls who are getting on with their lives and are not waiting for their man to show up so they can get their life started.

She never makes the first move

I know this a contentious issue and is debated to death. Don’t pursue a man, let him come and get you. If a woman is the one who is always calling, she will always be left wondering if he is really interested her or if its just convenient for him. Plus men get a buzz out of pinning you down for a date.

She is sexy without being trampy

Experts suggest girls in the early stages of courtship should not be overtly sexual and flirt with a non sexual touch. Men seem to love these understated caresses. When you touch them gently on the arm, they maybe going wild for you inside. When the relationship gets more serious, more public displays of affection are appropriate

She waits to have sex

Doing it the first time as a new couple is a big step. If you do it too soon, you might make too much of a fledgling relationship that barely existed outside the bedroom. A woman may feel the relationship is inflated to the next level and the man just might scarper off as fast as he can.

She does the little things to show she cares

Doing little things for your partner to show you care can mean a lot for him, like making him a cup of tea at the end of the hard day or buying flowers for his mum on mother’s day if he has had a long day at the office.

She makes him “shine”

Men have sensitive egos and they love a woman who is really looking out for him. Laugh at his jokes and make him look important in front of his boss. Tell his over critical dad that being good at DIY is not essential for being a ‘real man’. Of course he should do the same for you and make you “shine” when you need him.

She is not piling on the pressure

Men have an aversion to pressure especially in the early stages. Women should avoid calling or emailing him many times a day or dropping hints about the future. Perhaps don’t get out your edition of “ Perfect Bride” and insist on looking through it with him. Let men enjoy relationship and things will fall into place.

She won’t stand for bad behaviour

Guys love it when their girlfriend will pull them up on things they did that were not right, like getting drunk and being a little bit rude or flirting blatantly with her best friend. Guys respect women who they know they cannot get away with rubbish behaviour.


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