Why do I always attract the wrong man ?


1. Unconsciously we are always sending out messages to the opposite sex.

If you are attracting the wrong man then unconsciously that is the vibes you are giving off. But this easily remedied.If you can change your views about your ability to attract the right man, then that will increase your self confidence and “man” confidence and will give you a different air when you look for Mr.Right.

2. Break that habit of picking Mr.Wrong.

We all have habits and its no different when we select a man. We may find ourselves all going for the bad boy, or the commitment phobe, the deceitful bastard or someone who does not really give us the respect we deserve. Once you are aware of this habit, you can reassess and try to find guys who are right for you. This may mean saying “yes” to a date with someone who may not seem your type.

Habits hang onto us tightly and we hang onto them even tighter. It’s a comfort zone thing. But if you can move past it you have a chance of creating a great relationship with someone good for you.

3. Find good men in alsorts of different places.

As hardworking professional women, a lot of us seem to hunt for our ideal men in the bars and clubs at work on Friday and Saturday night. Sure you can find men, you maybe one of those who even marries one of these men but these places also evoke an air of “short term fun” and the men it attracts may also be after that.

Try broadening your range of activities to meet different men, join a book club, a sailing class, or enrol on to a wine appreciation class.

4. Don’t mistake short term lust for love

It’s great meeting someone and getting that spine tingling exciting feeling. Its exciting but it does not always mean you are compatible long term partners, who maybe able to have a laugh when their washing up machine explodes, the roof leaks or when their first cat gets sick. Let the lust go through its natural cycle and if you still like each other, then pursue it further.


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