Curly red haired Kieron

bigstock_Young_Man_In_A_Car_4276333Today I had a nice meeting which culminated in me meeting a tall Irish man with a head of curly hair, his hair wasn’t quite red, it was brown with tinges of russet brown… ( does that colour exist ? ). I am rubbish at colours, people who name the colours of paint tins must have the hardest job ever….imagine thinking of dusky pink, papaya peach. Interestingly he also had on shoes that had a reddish hue. Can you believe he initiated the conversation which I find unusual in London. I mean we all know London men have no backbone, most would rather swallow a slug than take the initiative in starting a conversation.Ladies he was tall, well built and don’t forget the masses of curls ! and he was writing scripts hoping to break into films. I am unashamedly fickle, for a second I plotted in my mind to abandon all my projects and volunteer to work with him developing his scripts. We discussed plot lines and stories and he said he would help me with making videos for this website


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