Publishing my book on amazon

ImageI first¬†wrote my book, “How to Find the One” about 4 years ago and published it on Amazon only a little while back. Writing the first draft is easy. It is writingthe subsequent drafts that are hard. Then on top of the creativity you need to have as a writer to make your work compelling, you also need to have an attention to detail. For me this is almost an opposite skill to creativity. Attention to detail is something I apply to accountants, number crunchers and not me!

Formatting, proof reading, and sorting typos can be very time consuming but it is an essential part of the job. Then there is the logistics of uploading it onto amazon kindle, tricky at first but once you figure it out it is ever so satisfying.

The ongoing job is promoting the book….this is work in progress and I know I need to do a lot more to get my book out to single women who would benefit from reading this great guide.¬†

All of this is super hard work when you are also writing a novel which I am!

Writing is hard work, often unrewarded, why do we do it, because it feeds our soul, it is an outlet for our creative thoughts and an outlet for our emotions. I wish all the writers out there, especially the ones who are awaiting for more material abundance from their work lots of success and hope your work improves on a daily basis and may you get the recognition and readers you deserve!