Novel Submissions Part One

So I have finished my book, yay! I am trying to get it published and that is like a full time job. There is so much information on the net on how to market your book. I have experience of this having published an e book of a self help book. However I thought it might be nice to get the help of a publisher to help me publish this a book. Its getting their attention that’s the hard bit. I know my book is good, I know it would make a fab movie. I still cherish the comment of one my editors who said ‘Your book is good, its different and original. I meet other writers who say you must sign our non disclosure agreement. They are so worried I might steal their book idea. When I read your book, I think, really, this is not worth stealing! But yours is’ I know she is joking but it gave me that warm, fuzzy feeling of validation from a person who knows!


So I am working my way through a list of publishers, written to 7 and only reached c-d of the list. I have already received a few no’s.


I think my character Nimmee needs to be discovered, to be read. She needs a publisher to help her reach the wider market. I have a another bright idea, that is to publish my book via Lulu. Lulu is super expensive, fourteen pounds per book from states. I can’t wait for my copy to arrive. This book will not sit on my bookshelf, it will be sent to a director. It will be sent Gurinder Chadha and see if she can envsion the characters jump off the page. I hope so. I have worked so hard on this book. 4 years. I have read so many books and done so many drafts to make it good. I think it is. Now I would like this book to reach its readers. Maybe she can help?


editing and more editing- what I have learnt writing a novel

So in the final stages of finishing my book. Received it back from my editor and it has notes and comments all through it! A nice xmas present would have been receiving a blank manuscript and a comment from her saying its perfect and its good to go!

Next stage of fantasy would be it gets snapped up by a publisher and then shortly after gets made into a movie and I hang out with JK Rowling at her house for dinner.

What do we discuss? How the big Hollywood director bastardised our book and did not stay true to our vision or maybe just mine. But we enjoy the loose change rattling in our pockets and our trip to Barbados that year. She then advises me to start writing a sequel.

Right I am going to subscribe to the law of attraction and spend the next half hour manifesting this…..reality is just too dull to bear at the moment. Do you want the truth? I am going through the manuscript on christmas eve as my husband watches the expendables!

Merry christmas everyone and good luck with finishing your book!