My agent query letter

So here is a sample query letter I am sending to literary agents. It has been redrafted and refined and based on lots of helpful sites on the web which I am happy to share with you. So far I have written to 20. Its extensive work researching all the agencies, seeing what their requirements are and please look at the authors they represent and see if you could be a fit. So my question to you is

  1. do you like the query letter and does it sound interesting to you?


Hi there,


I’m writing to seek representation for my first novel, THE UNSUITABLE SUITORS, a comedic women’s fiction work of 95,000 words which is semi autobiographical in parts. While funny, the book has a big heart and a lot of cultural touchstones, and doesn’t veer away from the pain of lost love and regrets of wrong choices.


This book has had over 50 beta readers in the target audience of 22 to 40-year-olds and has been met with overwhelmingly positive responses, especially from Caucasian readers in North America and indian readers. “A treat,” “Witty, sassy,” and “hilarious,” it had readers and even editors leaving enthusiastic comments about a girl they called ‘The Indian Bridget Jones’ The main characters in this book are easy to relate to, vivid and memorable and the novel centres on a British Indian woman’s search for love. Her journey is complicated by the fact she is still in love with a man she met in the Australian bush. Her overbearing indian family are entertaining. They pile on the pressure for her to settle soon. As she searches for love, she also searches to find more joy from her livelihood and a deeper meaning from her life. Highly recommended to those looking for a rich story, that transports the reader from London, Australia to India and need a laugh along the way.”


Other readers had this to say—“Hysterical!” I would compare it to MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING, only Indian. I think it has a lot of that feel.” “I adore the main character!” “I couldn’t wait to find out who was going to be The One!” “So sad it ended!”

I enclose the first 30 pages and a synopsis.


I have written a competition-winning play for Kali Theatre, independently produced short film sketches, and professional pieces on the campaigns of charities such as Breast Cancer Care and Consortium for Street Children. In addition to working as a writer’s intern at an online women’s’ magazine G3 and writing blog articles for Action Aid on third-world development issues, I have written a self-help book on finding the right man which is currently on sale on Amazon. I am also a member of a writers group and have attended writers’ courses by different novelists. This is my first novel.

I live with my husband in Berkshire and am currently working on my next novel. I have a website http://www.ninagillwriter.wordpress.com and twitter account, @theninagill.


I look forward to hearing from you.



Nina Gill